Established in 1999 headquarter in Istanbul, Platin Group operates in 4 business segments; Chemical ; Mining, Pharma and Finance Platin Group is majorly controlled by Zavaro and minorly by Bogazliyan families

Platin Group employs more then 350 people as our staff and reach more then 4000 customer accounts with a turnover of 230 million usd .
Platin Group has offices Istanbul - Antalya - Adana - Izmir as well as Shanghai

Companies under Platin Group :

Platin Kimya Mumessilik ve Dış Ticaret Ltd Şti www.platinkimya.com (Chemical & Agrochemical Trading and Distribution )
Laris Tarım Ürünleri İthalat ve Ticaret Ltd Şti ( Fertilizer Distribution )
Plamako Madencilik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş ( Mining )
Plaser Madencilik Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd Şti ( Mining )
Duru Madencilk Sanayi Ve Ticaret Ltd Şti ( Mining )
Plakrom Madencilik ve Sanayi ve Tic Ltd Şti( Mining )
Marme Madencilik San ve Tic ltd Şti (Mining )
Tuna Factoring ( Finance ) www.tunafaktoring.com.tr
Patin Pharma ( Pharma ) www.platinpharma.com


Platin Kimya involved in mining business since 2007 and company started investing in chrome ore mines whole around Turkey . The group currently operates 16 chrome quarries and 6 chrome concentratıon plants . The productıon capacity reached 80,000 tons ( 65,000 tons concentrate & 15,000 tons lumpy) by the year 2018 Besides that as a part of our group Duru Madencilik owns an ıron ore quarry at Sivas is holding approximately 125,000,000 tons f low grade Magnetite ıron ore (%18-%20 Fe3O4) according to MTA(Mining Techical Research İnstutude ) a state owned company..The drilling have been made between 1971-1974 and 18 drilling processes with a total depth of 5150 meters were conducted. t is estimated that 20,000,000 tons of high grade ıron ore can be produced from this quarry after installatıon of ıron ore concentratıon and palletizing plants. The group 's 5 mining companies follow as below ;

The group 's 5 mining companies follow as below ;

1)PLAMAKO MADENCİLİK owns one mining license at Sivas, Kangal province , one in Burdur Yeşilova province . At Sivas quarry company established 2 different concentrate plants with production capacity around 25.000 mts concentrates /year under % 46-48 categories.

2) DURU MADENCİLİK is also based in Sivas Yellice owns two mining licenses one in Sivas Yellice province , one in Erzincan city . The company have established 2 concentration plants with capacity is around 15,000 mts/ year . Also under the same license of chromite the company also owns iron ore quarry which is proven by the goverment researchs that there is a reserve about 125 million tons of magnetite iron ore suitable for concentration with the 18-20 % FE3o4 content

3)PLASER MADENCİLİK owns 2 mining licenses one at Kars ,Kağızman province other at Igdır ,Yukarı dut province areas with total capacity around 10,000 mts lumpy chrome ore %32-34.

4)PLAKROM MADENCİLİK owns three mining licenses .One İn Kütahya ,tavşanlı a concentration plant with capacity is around -10,000 mts /year .Second İn Eskişehir production capacity is 5,000 mts/year % 40-42 grade lumpy .Third one is at Sivas,Hafik not active right now but has %40-42 lumpy reserves.

5)MARME MADENCİLİK owns 7 mining licences based a in Erzincan area with a concentrate plant capacity is around 15,,000 mts / year .